About Us

We are a real estate development company

We have participated in unique projects located in exclusive areas in markets such as Buenos Aires – Argentina and Miami – USA, always with a single approach within the real estate market and a unique passion to achieve growth in the value of companies´ assets.

All company members share a common business approach and sound knowledge of investments and real estate commercial markets.

Our work starts with the initial market analysis, whatever the desired location. Thus, bearing in mind location and segment, we define the appropriate environment for each project, selecting the product and coming up qith a work plan until the project comes true. Therefore, each project is the result of careful study supported by years of experience.

Florencia P. Montecchiarini

Florencia P. Montecchiarini


Industrial Engineer – UBA
Master in Project Evaluation – UCEMA ITBA

Born on April 17th, 1983, she graduated as an industrial engineer from the University of Buenos Aires in 2007.

She has been working in the real estate market and in the construction business since 2006, developing most of her career at the Starnova Group, where she had the opportunity to meet and interact with the main actors in the market.

A real lover of photography and architecture and supported by a great entrepreneurial spirit, she founds FPM Investment whose main focus is real estate development.

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