GO Green Office

    We specialize in the analisis of the real estate market demand so as to spot market niches and, thus, provide sound advice to our investors for them to participate in unique, trend-setting projects.

    Following this line, we have taken part in the business development of GO. GREEN OFFICE, along with STARNOVA GROUP.

    GO. GREEN OFFICE, is an AAA office building located on the corner of Lima and Carlos Calvo.

    It offers three top notch floors with 200 m² to 450 m² open plants designed by the arquitectural firm MARIO ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ Y ASOCIADOS.

    We are always striving to protect the environment and engage in sustainable projects and in line with this, we have participated in the LEED® certification, (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) which turns GO. GREEN OFFICE into a reference of this new area and makes it a totally attractive and differencial project in the market.

    Always seeking excellence worlwide, with GO. GREEN OFFICE we are developing an office building project with specifications and quality reaching the highest standards.

    The location chosen for the development of GO. GREEN OFFICE arises as an answer to the growing demand for offices downtown Buenos Aires due to the need for better accesses and good connections.

    This office building offers the possibility of working less than 10 minutes from the technological pole (Parque Patricios), the decentralization area from the City Government (Barracas) and, at the same time, be at an optimal distance from the city´s financial district.

    GO. GREEN OFFICE is the ideal response to an existing demand. It means the chance to work near everything without the hassle of being downtown.

    For further information visit the following websites: http://www.gogreenoffice.com.ar or info@fpminvestment.com

    For more information, contact us or visit www.gogreenoffice.com.ar

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